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In difficult times the best of partners come closer together with focused goals toward a better outcome. In 2020, that is exactly what Dagger and Aflac accomplished. The main brand challenge was that while Aflac was well-known, it wasn’t known well: consumers didn’t understand the holes in their current healthcare coverage and how Aflac’s products fill in the gaps.

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A tall task at the outset of the pandemic, Dagger immediately produced work that felt of the moment, shipping cameras to talent to create homemade social spots that reflected consumers’ lives and recording catchy Aflac-inspired songs that caught people in their feeds. Dagger even created a buzzy campaign featuring only mannequins and a robotic voice-over – no humans whatsoever – giving new meaning to a socially distant ad.


These creative successes teed up more forward-thinking work on the brand level with the continued engagement of University of Alabama head coach, Nick Saban. Working through another COVID-influenced project, we were able to leverage Coach Saban’s appeal with the college football audience to drive a more education-centric message to our audience. Dagger took the campaign to a more real-time space on social after noticing the organic conversation around Saban’s jacket, or as it was called: the #Aflacket. Playing off this audience-influenced insight, we created a full social campaign that built on the legend of the Aflacket, culminating in a big push that glorified the jacket during the SEC Championship. 

Results & Case Study

This focus on the human experience, combining education, humor, emotional pull in ways that bring people together throughout the year, drove some of the highest scores Aflac advertising has seen since it began to measure the medium. Dagger’s ownership of Aflac TVC work in 2020 drove a 37% increase in brand breakthrough, 24% increase in knowledge, and 16% increase in connection as compared to work launched in 2019. On social media, we saw similar impact with our approach, and the content blew away benchmarks. The Aflac and Dagger teams worked tirelessly to make 2020 a resounding success, drastically increasing the quality of our advertising product.