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  1. 10.8.20

    Ad Age

    Office Hours: Mental Health Benefits Become the New Job Perks

    Dagger’s super-charged Q4 benefits, and COO Missy Taylor, are spotlighted as our professional landscape continues to evolve amidst the pandemic.

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  2. 10.8.20

    Muse by Clio

    10 Great Album Covers, Chosen by Al Patton of Dagger

    A journey through CCO Al Patton’s youth, marked by his favorite album covers – from Billy Joel to Radiohead.

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  3. 9.22.20

    Ad Age

    How Covid Will Affect Agencies’ 2021 Budgets

    As the ad agency landscape continues to tighten its purse strings, CEO Mike Popowski shares how, and why, Dagger did the opposite.

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  4. 9.8.20

    Dear Art Producer podcast

    Adina Hilton, Producer at Dagger

    Hilton discusses insights about production challenges and changes in the age of a global pandemic, mental health care, and more.

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  5. 9.4.20

    Begin the Begin podcast

    When a growth-minded leader drops everything to become an entrepreneur mid-career

    CEO Mike Popowski discusses the power of harnessing an entrepreneurial spirit and how he has grown Dagger so quickly in just five short years.

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  6. 8.18.20


    ‘They need to model empathy’: Agency workers prepare for the start to a most unusual school year

    Chief Strategy Officer Carla Paschke Guy suggests “modeling empathy and adaptability for parents going through these challenging decisions.”

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