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A Note From Our CEO

Over the past six months, a light has been shed on the injustices many Black Americans face. The scenes, as they play out on social media and in the news, cut very deeply for many of us.

In the spirit of making Dagger a positive example in the industry, we are evolving a number of our policies & protocols. The goal is for these to shape not just our agency, but to help reshape the way the advertising community approaches diversity and inclusion as a whole. Organizations of all kinds thrive when they view their practices through these critical lenses, and the baseline for that begins with basic protocols and procedures that are modern and equitable.

Dagger has specifically committed to six key diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. As each of these progresses, we’ll be updating this page to ensure total transparency to our team, our brand partners, and our broader professional community.

Dagger will always stand for – and continue to do its part to push for – equal opportunity for all.



Core Values

We are auditing and updating the language around our agency practices to ensure that our work culture is equitable and inclusive of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Bias Training

We are partnering with a DEI consultant to provide regular unconscious bias training that continually betters our interpersonal relationships and eliminates blind spots and biases within our company ecosystem.

Recruiting Practices

We are auditing and updating our recruiting processes to ensure the attraction of a more diverse talent pool and the equitable consideration of all job prospects. This includes the examination of our recruitment pipeline from colleges, job boards, and other communities, the consideration of transferable skills outside of our industry, and much more.

Leadership Representation

We commit to increasing Black representation across all levels of agency staffing, especially senior and leadership positions, which we intend to meet by broadening our recruiting methods and by developing qualified employees for potential promotion.

Wage Equity

We worked with a third-party auditor to perform a pay equity analysis so that we might identify and remediate any biased deficiencies. While the auditor’s results found no red flags, our commitment is to uphold the practices we’ve had in place since our company’s launch to ensure that every BIPOC person continues to be paid fairly.

Vendor Selection

We evaluated our deep list of vendor partners and are narrowing the pool to align with only those businesses that share our anti-racist and anti-discriminatory values. We are also creating a process to improve the vetting and equitable selection of new vendor partners.