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Three Hires For Lasting Consumer Connections


Three Hires For Lasting Consumer Connections

Chris Cella

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge. It’s time to build your own content machine. You’ve got a brand and you want people to know about it. Maintaining so many social media accounts is exhausting and you have other things to focus on. It’s time to bring in some media professionals who can be your brand’s megaphone and genuinely connect with your audience. Where do you start? Your friend told you their cousin “does video”, whatever that means. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

First, assess your content needs. Will your audience be satisfied with a still photo and snappy caption every other day or do you have more robust aspirations? What strengths does your brand already have and how can you best capitalize on them? Being self-aware informs the tone and the substance of your content. But before we talk about the work, let’s talk about who’ll make it.  

Your first hire: Social Media Manager

Your social media manager will strategize, manage, help produce and curate content. Depending on the size of your brand and the skillset of the person you hire, the social media manager may be able to double as a photographer and video producer. However, even for a small company, these extra tasks could quickly become overwhelming for one person. That’s when you bring in…

Your second hire: Video Predator

Predator is a title that has become common in the last decade and it is a mashup of producer and editor. Some people like the title while others don’t, but it does outline the tasks and responsibilities of the individual. Anyone applying for this position should have experience running small productions entirely on their own. Any self-respecting predator will also be a decent photographer too. If your content machine is running hot, your predator is going to need some post-production help. For every hour of footage shot, you can assume at least five hours of editing will be necessary to cull it down to something watchable.

Your third hire: Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist.

While your predator is capable of editing, chances are they aren’t as specialized as someone who has focused on this discipline their whole career. Even if your predator is highly skilled as an editor, eventually making a dent in the mountain of footage will require more shovels. Motion graphics is the creation and animation of digital assets such as lower thirds, bumpers, titles and infographics. This will go a long way in adding production value to your content. The discipline requires knowledge of different programs than video editing and therefore likely outside of your predator’s primary skillset.

Once you have hired the three roles above, each team member will be able to specialize and focus on a different part of the content production process. Now that your social media manager is no longer required to shoot and edit assets, they can focus on channel strategy and content forecasting. Your social media manager should create briefs for the other team members such as “We need a punchy 15-second video to post to our Instagram story ahead of the big event.”

The whole team should work as a unit, constantly in communication and aware of what one another is working on. The secret to successful social media marketing is a sustained cadence of relevant, quality content. The only way to pull that off at scale is being well organized. Content calendars should be filled out at least a month in advance, but ideally even further out. This will allow for thoughtful planning but also highlight gaps between the “needs” and allow time for fun and spur-of-the-moment content. Don’t underestimate the potential of these posts, they can do a lot to underscore your brand’s culture, values and even build stronger bonds between you and consumers. Polish is great, but every once in a while you can give your fans a peek behind the curtain. If executed thoughtfully, it can be endearing.

Posting content on social media is about more than just marketing. Overt sales are a turnoff for any audience. People who follow brands on social media are looking for value. Value can come in the form of education, entertainment, insight or a hybrid of the three. Think about the content you engage with and why, then consciously categorize its value proposition. Sales will result from consumers building trust and value in your brand. Invest in content and you will reap the rewards of a consumer base that is not only motivated by promotions, but out of genuine support to your brand.

Still feel like you need a little help successfully standing up your content team? Reach out to Dagger at info@dagger.agency. We’ve built more than a few teams.