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The agency world doesn’t like to advertise it, but there are certain non-holidays it likes to treat like holidays. The Friday after Thanksgiving, whatever business days exist between Christmas and New Years – walk into any agency on these days and you’re more likely to find some tumbleweed blowing by than agency staffers. Collectively speaking it’s not our best look, but we came up with a clever workaround – one that would create the appearance of our uber-dedicated staff hard at work in the office on these days while the rest of the agency world are at home sipping eggnog. Of course, our employees were at home sipping eggnog too.

We called it “The Dagger-Totally-Isn’t-Closed Webcam” and if you remember the vault scene from Ocean’s 11, it works kind of like that – but with a twist. Because depending on when you logged on, what you witness happening in Dagger’s office could be drastically different, even shocking. For example, you may log on and encounter an office scene that seems totally normal, with busy employees conducting meetings and plugging away at their desks. But log on at a different time you may catch certain people, chairs and desks randomly levitating. Or a giant, menacing penguin who pops his head into frame at uncomfortably close range. Or a group of campers who enter the office at sundown, pitch their tent and after telling some campfire stories, retire for the night, only to emerge the following morning.

The Dagger-Totally-Isn’t-Closed Webcam went live the day after Thanksgiving and then again between Christmas and New Years. If you didn’t catch it “live,” check out the recap below.