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Dagger Grows Into New Home, The Willoughby


Dagger Grows Into New Home, The Willoughby

Mike Popowski

We have experienced exponential growth since our founding in 2013, growing from 3 to now 43 employees. During this swift 5-year span, Dagger has “hung its hat” at Atlanta Tech Village, Dutch Valley Place, and WeWork’s Midtown office. On Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, The Willoughby rolled out the welcome mat to accommodate Dagger’s surge for years to come.

The modern space, just a pop, grind and kickflip from Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark off the Beltline’s Eastside Trail, has exceeded expectations. As if The Willoughby’s spacious rooftop deck (with sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline), Beltline access and swanky café with full-time barista weren’t enough to impress, the elation and pride also translate to the office design.

The space was custom designed by Josh Charles, founder of Flags of Origin, whose previous projects include Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, Gather HQ, Switchyards Downtown Club and Bocado Burger.

Charles’ vision split the space into two sides; one focusing on shared & common space such as conference rooms, lounge areas and the aforementioned café that rivals most modern coffee shops in Atlanta.

Our workspace focuses on organic materials and simplicity with color, highlighted by white plaster and wood, with a nod towards Danish & Japanese design that delivers on form and function. The lighting is handmade with a focus on white and natural wood. Every table in Dagger is handmade by a local company, SUBEAU, using white oak.

The shared café (with neighbor Dragon Army) features tables made by hand, both locally and from MJO Studios in Asheville, NC. The lighting is all custom made from Allied Maker in New York as well as sourced from an old train station in London. Tile on the bar comes from Heath Ceramics and concrete counters were made locally, while the metal cabinets were imported from Turkey.

A central focus is the neon Cafe՛sign from Texas, which Flags of Origin rehabbed and hung centrally in the space.

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