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SweetWater Tropical Lover

With over 6,000 craft breweries in the United States, “craft” itself is becoming homogenized in a crowded market. SweetWater Brewing Co., the 15th largest craft brewery in the nation, sought to differentiate themselves from their competitors through social content that showcases their authentic brand and heady lifestyle.

SweetWater’s lineup includes core brews that flow year round, plus limited edition catch & release seasonals. Our goal? Create engaging, episodic content that gives social followers a content high that leaves them wanting more. 

The idea? Launch SweetWater’s new summer seasonal beer –– Tropical Lover –– with a social splash. Is Tropical Lover a hot summer fling or a deliciously refreshing beer? We created a series of videos –– with just the right amount of innuendo –– that flirted with consumers and shared the beer’s thirst-quenching attributes.

The result? SweetWater's awareness metrics grew. A lot. We measured an average 52% increase in organic video views on Facebook compared to previous content.

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