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Prior to May 2014, the Delta Flight Museum was primarily a brand store and limited use event space, open only to current and former Delta Air Lines employees. The Museum sought to rebrand and renovate to showcase Delta's rich history and open its doors for everyone to immerse themselves in everything that is Delta Air Lines.

Dagger was tasked with driving online sales and bringing the exhibit space to life with robust interactive experiences that all ages, from kids to retirees, could enjoy. Objectives included:

- Promote the museum as it opens to the general public
- Provide a seamless customer experience via an online ticketing system and check in kiosk with a "boarding pass"
- Engage visitors with a multitude of on-premise interactive experiences designed for all ages and experience levels


Dagger designed over 20 interactive touch screen exhibits, developed an online ticketing system, and implemented innovative multi-screen experiences utilizing web-based technology, all of which is trackable with a back-end analytics system. With tens of thousands of visitors already in 2015, the museum has seen almost 200,000 total exhibit engagements.


"Dagger brought our exhibits to a whole new, interactive level, providing the best in customer service every step of the way.”

— Tiffany Meng, Director of Operations, Delta Flight Museum

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