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As the U.S.’s largest provider of supplemental insurance, Aflac doesn’t need a helping hand when it comes to consumer awareness; millions of Americans are familiar with the popular duck and his squeaky “Aflac!” refrain. Where Aflac struggles, however, is building a customer base that understands, appreciates, and engages with their brand and their products.


Since December of 2015, Dagger and Aflac have partnered on a variety of interactive experiences that extend Aflac’s TV spots into digital, driving deeper engagement with Aflac products. From our “Magic Match” experience to our “Save the Duck” activation, the Aflac team has benefitted from an increasingly engaged and educated audience. The common hook? Putting a new twist on games our customers love, using a character they love: The Duck.


One of our most successful implementations, was extended to the Innovid ad platform. Aflac has been working with Innovid since 2015 on a series of test-and-learn scenarios. Dagger’s “Save the Duck” campaign incorporated gamification elements into the Innovid Hulu overlay, resulting in an engagement rate 67% higher than industry benchmarks for interactive video.

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