Capitalizing on the Micro Moment



June 29, 2016

9:30 AM

People search the internet every day for things they need, things they want, tutorials, inspiration and endless other searches. Personally, Google search is my lifeline. Online searches, and other moments in a consumer’s daily life that lead to a mobile or digital action may seem trivial, but can actually hold a large opportunity for brands. These are micro moments – essentially moments that can happen anytime and anywhere among consumers when they turn to a device for a specific need. The opportunity for brands lies in finding the micro moments that matter most to your audience, anticipating those moments, and offering value during those times to shape consumer decisions.

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On the Next Episode…



February 17, 2016

9:03 AM

We live in a society that loves television. In fact, the typical American adult spends 4 hours and 51 minutes in front of a TV screen per day. Disclaimer: I am not the typical American adult. 😉 

But, I am someone who is smart enough to know that when the majority of people are doing something, there’s something for me to learn.
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Serial Podcast: A Content Marketer’s Take



January 20, 2016

8:30 AM

Like many of you, I listened religiously week over week to Serial Season 1. A water-cooler sensation that chalked up 40 million downloads as of December, Serial needs no introduction (you were likely listening alongside me OR have listened to friends listening alongside me). To punctuate its impact, however, for one day a week for twelve weeks, the podcast transformed my feelings toward my Atlanta commute from dread to excitement. No. Easy. Task.
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