5 Cringey Clichés (And How They Make Me a Better Designer)



May 19, 2017

9:00 AM

Let’s go ahead and get this out there—everything you’re about to read makes me cringe. Not like in a shoulder-shrugging, bottom-teeth-exposing cringe. Like in a full-on gag-reflex-inducing, eyes rolling out of the back of my head, onto the floor and across the room, head retracting into the space between my collar bones, deep into my chest cavity, turtle-style cringe. I. Hate. These. Quotes. But I have to admit, they actually translate into something refreshing and entirely true when I look at them through the lens of design. And I hate to admit it, but I often do. So here’s the horrible Top 5 countdown of the worst “life quotes” in the world and how they honestly and frequently help me be a better designer.
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The Noble Charge (and Harsh Reality) of Design-Forward Thinking



March 31, 2016

8:17 AM

My first few days of art school, I felt overwhelmed by everyone’s ability to think on their feet. I felt sluggish in my ability to think past what I knew to be true about the world, and particularly about my own abilities. I assumed too many things to be true, and it inhibited my ability to think and design in a powerful, impactful, and paradigm-shifting way. No one ever said I had to color inside the lines — and the fact that I assumed things like this to be true prematurely guillotined my ability to think (and live) in a design-forward fashion.
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