1. Copy vs Content

    posted October 16, 2017

    Content vs. copy: what’s the difference?

    Copywriters and content writers are both valuable, with distinct purposes. And large agencies often benefit by having writers who specialize in punchy copy as well as writers who specialize in engaging, long form content.

  2. posted April 7, 2017

    How to deal with copy challenges like a pro

    Copywriting is a pretty cool job. First of all, you get paid to write. Second, you don’t need any fancy programs or tools to do your work. But like any job, it comes with challenges. So, what should you do when the going gets tough?

  3. posted March 24, 2017

    For the love of copy, don’t trick your audience.

    Why are so many well-established brands using misleading subject lines? Open rates don’t do much good when you’re angering the recipients. And if you’re tricking your audience, you can’t expect them to be happy about it.

  4. posted December 27, 2016


    No, you’re not an expert. That’s okay, you don’t need to be one. All you need to do is sound like one—you know, minus all that jargon nonsense.