1. Vulnerability

    posted October 2, 2017

    Vulnerability: The Greatest Tool In Your Creative Toolbox

    Vulnerability is a scary — and often misunderstood — word. In my recent study (obsession) with emotional intelligence, “vulnerability” kept coming up over and over.

  2. Strategies for finding focus

    posted April 20, 2017

    Free Your Mind

    You know the feeling. A deadline is drawing near, but that frantic motivation that comes in the 12th hour just won’t kick in.

  3. posted November 7, 2016


    When creating social content, be careful not to plan with reward-first thinking. Don’t plan to make a “viral video.” Plan, instead, to “tell an engaging story.” Plan to “inspire a new audience.” Plan to “make people think twice.” These are attainable, plan-forward goals. And quite often the brain fuel that is the catalyst for deeply […]