Looking for the Right Job Is a Full-Time Job



May 5, 2017

9:30 AM

As the Talent Engagement Manager at a fast-growing agency, I’m continuously improving the ins and outs of how we recruit, interview, and hire. It’s virtually impossible to read through 200+ applications with a goal of sending an offer letter within 3-5 weeks from the official open date. So in an effort to be more efficient with my time, I incorporate ways to hack the system. Just as there is proper business etiquette, I argue the same is true when applying and interviewing for a job. Keep reading for five key dos and don’ts for all you job seekers, straight from the person assessing and interviewing you.
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Culture vs. Workplace Cool Stuff


ping pong

April 3, 2017

10:00 AM

Beer. Ping pong tables. Nap pods. Designated game rooms. Work-free zones. Scooters. Freshly French pressed coffee. Unlimited PTO. Sounds cool, right? One’s instant reaction to those “amenities” more than likely causes immediate excitement. How do I work at a place like that? Why doesn’t my work place have that kind of stuff? Man, those employees must be so happy. Those things are what I dub workplace cool stuff.
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