posted December 5, 2018

VoyageATL: The Driving Force Behind The Butter.ATL Team

Ben Mitchell

Butter.ATL was founded in 2018 with the idea that Atlanta drives/creates culture but doesn’t do a great job of telling its own stories. Cities like New York, LA, and Chicago have a culture that can often be quickly identified but Atlanta’s does not because it includes so many things.

Butter is a media company, not just an Instagram channel, and they believe all brands should act like media companies. Known for a beautiful, seamless “never-ending” Atlanta centric Instagram feed, their content-focused approach to story-telling sets them apart. 

“We’re most proud of our ability to tell the story of Atlanta’s culture with high-quality, intentional content,” said Butter Executive Editor, Brandon Butler. Click through to read the full VoyageATL interview.