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Culture That Matters

We have a lot of fun here at Dagger. Won’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re serious about culture. To us, culture is more than happy hours, #dagtivities, and an in-house barista — we have those too. But the core of Dagger’s culture is PVMVP — Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Practices. We created values that were clear, tangible, and meaningful. Simply put, PVMVP isn’t just fluff. It’s what makes our culture the real deal.

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Our Purpose

Dagger cultivates the improbable within people.

Our Vision

To be Atlanta’s most compelling agency for growth-minded talent. Ever.

Our Mission

Bring brands to the zeitgeist through a fanatical focus on all things content.

Our Values

  • Think Entrepreneurially

    Think Entrepreneurially

    This value is all about mindset. Successful Dags understand that at our core, we are creative problem solvers. We exhibit a ‘can-do’ attitude and are passionate about shaping the future of the organization.

  • Elevate the Team

    Elevate the Team

    This value acknowledges that the agency business is a team sport. As such, we look for ways to be an asset to the team and consistently hone our hard and soft skills to help “move the play forward.”

  • Courage Over Comfort

    Courage Over Comfort

    This value encourages movement beyond our comfort zone in pursuit of personal and professional growth. Growth requires the courage to move towards, not away from, what challenges us. Often, these choices yield the greatest reward.

  • Integrate Health

    Integrate Health

    This value recognizes that our world and work thrives on constant connection. A company can only be as healthy as the people in it, which is why we encourage all Dags to create systems that support work/life harmony.