Is Reactive the New Proactive?



April 13, 2017

2:00 PM

As Dagger’s CEO, Mike Popowski is an advertising expert with keen insights into new trends and classic marketing approaches alike. Recently, Mike wrote an opinion piece for Advertising Age titled, “Is Reactive the New Proactive?” Within this article, Mike breaks down what these terms mean, what’s trending now and where we’re headed as an industry.

While many people associate reactive service with laziness or negativity, it’s more popular than ever. Brands like Audi, Arby’s, Tecate, Oreo and Coca-Cola are succeeding because of their spur-of-the-moment, timely content. Today, it’s not proactive service that’s creating viral hits—it’s reactive service. Click here to read Mike’s full article on Advertising Age.

The Bigger the Better, or the Smaller the Smarter?



June 16, 2016

9:32 AM

When searching for an agency, what’s the ideal size a brand marketer looks for? Does it even matter, considering that regardless of the overall agency size he or she will always have a core team of five to ten day-to-day contacts? Yes.
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Be an Expert in Change



May 11, 2016

11:35 AM

I was on a “Digital and Mobile Marketing” panel last week in Atlanta. As it kicked off, the moderator asked the crowd of about 75 attendees how many are “digital marketing experts?” About four or five hands shot up. There were three of us on the panel; the other two panelists are highly influential in Atlanta’s digital/mobile space — both CEO’s of exciting companies and both led successful exits from previous digital businesses. But none of our hands shot up.
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Why Growth is the Goal



March 9, 2016

10:38 AM

Dagger has doubled in size in the last six months by both objective measures: monthly revenue and number of full-time employees. We have been very intentional about our growth strategy and we will continue to be. I speak openly about the benefits of growth to prospects, clients, and most importantly, our team.
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We’re Not A Digital Agency



February 3, 2016

9:30 AM

“We’re Not Digital Marketers — We Market In a Digital World.”

I’ve seen this nuance referenced quite a bit lately – for great reason. Since mobile’s proliferation and social media’s ubiquity, the world we market in is primarily digital. Almost any consumer touch point integrates (directly or indirectly) into the digital world. 
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