1. posted January 8, 2018

    The Almighty Power of the To-Do List

    Everyone wants to get more done. In fact, most people’s New Year’s resolutions will be focused on productivity and efficiency.

  2. Vulnerability

    posted October 2, 2017

    Vulnerability: The Greatest Tool In Your Creative Toolbox

    Vulnerability is a scary — and often misunderstood — word. In my recent study (obsession) with emotional intelligence, “vulnerability” kept coming up over and over.

  3. posted May 19, 2017

    5 Cringey Clichés (And How They Make Me a Better Designer)

    Let’s go ahead and get this out there—everything you’re about to read makes me cringe. Not like in a shoulder-shrugging, bottom-teeth-exposing cringe.

  4. Work those creative muscles!

    posted January 30, 2017


    Just like any strength training effort, creative success is a process that requires commitment, accountability, forgiveness, and an inherent positivity.

  5. The creative workout plan, part 1

    posted January 23, 2017


    As we grow (in creativity or other arenas), it is important to diversify and extend reach, focus, and strength in multiple directions, rather than continuously along a single path.

  6. posted November 7, 2016


    When creating social content, be careful not to plan with reward-first thinking. Don’t plan to make a “viral video.” Plan, instead, to “tell an engaging story.” Plan to “inspire a new audience.” Plan to “make people think twice.” These are attainable, plan-forward goals. And quite often the brain fuel that is the catalyst for deeply […]

  7. Show your best self even when you’re showing off

    posted July 27, 2016

    Show your best self even when you’re showing off

    I’ve written in a previous post about the brand narrative social content can craft. While exciting, the opportunity to create and curate a new brand narrative through content is a challenging one. However, the key to success is to stay focused. Form a plan and act on it with a clear head, good intentions, and […]

  8. Site vs. Content

    posted June 22, 2016

    Site vs. Content

    As a website designer, I used to sell my freelance services with the following pitch: “I know it may seem like you don’t need a particularly well-polished website as a small business owner, but a website is priceless real-estate. Think about it. Your store or office is only open eight hours a day, so what […]

  9. The Noble Charge (and Harsh Reality) of Design-Forward Thinking

    posted March 31, 2016

    The Noble Charge (and Harsh Reality) of Design-Forward Thinking

    My first few days of art school, I felt overwhelmed by everyone’s ability to think on their feet. I felt sluggish in my ability to think past what I knew to be true about the world, and particularly about my own abilities. I assumed too many things to be true, and it inhibited my ability […]