1. Meet your new team member: AI

    posted September 11, 2017

    Meet your new team member: AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the news right now. What I am interested in highlighting is how far the technology has come and specific applications that are directly impacting the advertising and marketing industry today.

  2. It's important to give yourself a break!

    posted February 28, 2017

    The Importance of Disconnecting

    In the competitive ad agency world, your hustle game has to be strong. But the people with the best game know the importance of taking a vacation and truly disconnecting to unwind and recharge. It’s not just forgetting about work for a period of time—it’s about allowing your mind to go somewhere else.

  3. Startup spotlight: Seenit

    posted December 19, 2016


    Video is a highly effective medium for storytelling, as it involves multiple senses and also lends itself to customizable digital formats across devices. With an increasing demand for timely and authentic video content, a shift in the production model is occurring.