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Technology is driving unprecedented behavior change, and it’s not slowing down. As consumer attention continues to shift and wane, brands are constantly having to engage in new ways. To drive this engagement at each turn, brands need a new type of agency. One that doesn’t just meet expectations, but offers something nobody realized was even missing. One that isn’t just thoughtful and aligned with the brand, but willing to take calculated risks. One that doesn’t simply claim to be an expert, but continues to grow knowledge each day. That’s where Dagger comes in. We’re wired for change. Through industry-altering strategies and content, our team is helping brands react to today’s fast-moving, consumer-driven world.

Core Capabilities

Content Creation

From banners & web updates to complex data visualizations to fresh social content, our writers and designers are trained in modern design and communication.

Campaign Development

Media’s convergence requires a new type of campaign thinking — one that truly understands integrated media and micro-moments. We begin with a big idea, then find remarkable ways to amplify it through touchpoints in a consumer’s journey.


Our team has set the sails for the biggest brands in the world. We understand big brand complexities and move them forward with a modern approach. From brand strategy to building a communication plan, we’ve done it all.


The physical world is now a conduit to the digital world. We approach all activations in the physical world with the intent to leverage the power of social media — creating memorable and sharable experiences.

Modern Video

Video consumption continues to rise and brands must consistently publish to maintain relevancy and reach. CMO’s are looking for speed & quality at a sustainable cost — our video department was built to support that.

Analytics & Insights

We use data and research to uncover insights that steer brand activities in real-time and align the performance of our work with brand driven KPIs for ongoing analysis.

Influencer Marketing

Authentic storytelling (and storytellers) are paramount to genuinely connecting brands and customers. We mobilize storytellers on brands’ behalves to drive trust and affinity.

Paid Social Media

Our media planners and buyers are adept at intersecting target audiences, ideas and mediums in disruptive ways – at frequencies that make messages stick.

Our Team

Our Clients


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